Want to get your products listed on dealtagger?

Cost - Lets get the important stuff out of the way first!

Nothing! the basic service is free.

We may consider charging a small fee in the future, this would be for enhanced services or information, but the basic service will always remain free of charge.


Todays online shoppers are smart, and will always search round for the best deal before spending their hard earned cash on that shiny new gadget. In the highly competitive market of e-commerce, fast moving volatile products can change price quite frequently, if a merchant changes the price of a product, or a product comes back into stock it can take up to 48 hours before the new price and stock level hits traditional price comparison sites.

This is where Dealtagger differs, we use technology that keeps the prices bang up to date, so when you change a price on your site it gets updated on Dealtagger almost immediately.

Live Updates

Dealtagger uses similar technology to that used by companies like Google and Yahoo, this allows us to have the most up to date prices anywhere on the web, which we feel is very important to merchants, especially for fast moving competitive products.


Dealtagger allows users to tag deals, categorize and organize in a manner that suits them, but on top of this all pages on the site have an RSS feed, this allows users to add deals to their own blogs, be alerted when prices change in their list, or include the list on other sites, the possibilities are endless. This all helps to get more eyes on your products.

How do I get listed?

To obtain a client key and get started adding your products to dealtagger you should contact us stating the URL of your website and we'll get a key and setup instructions to you straight away.

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