Whats the deal?

In a nutshell, dealtagger is about you, it's a tool to help you track and find great deals.

Everybody likes a bargain, but sometimes great deals can be hard to find, dealtagger aims to make this easier for you by providing the tools to find and share the best deals around.

Deals that are listed on dealtagger are free to be viewed by anyone, if you want to start tagging deals you'll need to register first.

Internet Explorer Instructions

It's recommended that you read through the instructions at least once before saving the bookmark. The dealtagger link can be found at the bottom of this section

  1. Right click on the dealtagger link and choose 'Add to Favorites...'
  2. You will be warned the bookmark is not safe, click 'Yes' to continue.
  3. Select the 'Links' folder, and click OK
  4. OK, you've read the instructions, here's the link... dealtagger

Firefox Instructions

Drag this link to your bookmarks toolbar : dealtagger

OK, I've got the bookmark, now what?

The next time you find a great deal online and you want to keep track of it, simply click the dealtagger bookmark and add it to your list of tagged deals.

But I just don't get it?

What makes dealtagger different from other price comparison sites is that it's driven by you, the end user. You're the people who know where the best deals can be found, and dealtagger allows you to share that with everyone else. Tagging deals this way not only allows you to keep a quick list of all the stuff your interested in, it makes it easier for you to find the most popular deals, the more people who tag the deal, the more popular it becomes.

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